Fengshui audited carpentry works (optional)

Traditionally, Fengshui and Woodworking have always had an intricate relationship. As Master woodworkers who installed and fabricated items for the Emperor or other high ranking officials in ancient China had to understand the metaphysics of Fengshui in order to bring peace and harmony within the palace. In fact, the famous Fengshui Ruler (鲁班尺) is invented by a Carpenter in ancient China.

As such, this intertwined knowledge is passed down from many generations before us and our Master Carpenters are able to integrate Fengshui into your carpentry works and whole house renovation if you so require, we will quote this additional service based on the complexity of your project.

We also provide Fengshui Audit services as a value added service, if you require our Fengshui Audit services, please follow the below steps:

1) Select the service required in the menu below
2) Make payment by clicking the “Buy Now” button below.
3) Check your email within 3 working days for our requirements and schedule of meetup.

Fengshui Services (Prices excludes cost of cures)


Qn: Do we have to “Fengshui” all our carpentry and renovation works?
Ans: No, this is a optional service that we provide. You can choose whether you believe this value added service is required or otherwise.

Qn: What is the price of Fengshui Cures?
Ans: Depending on the complexity of the Fengshui problems found, it can range from $50 to $300 per cure.

Qn: What is included in the House Hunting & Selection service?
Ans: Our Fengshui Master will accompany you on a maximum of 3 viewings to your shortlisted properties and provide advice on any potential Fengshui problems both internally and externally and answer your questions on whether your potential purchase is suitable for your family.

Qn: What if I cannot find a suitable property after 3 viewings?
Ans: Please make payment for another 3 viewings and our Fengshui Master will accompany you on another 3 new viewings.