Frequently Asked Questions

Qn: What is RenoScout’s story and mission?

Ans: Our founder is a third generation Carpenter (with a University Degree no less!), who had chosen to continue carrying on our family business despite all odds. He had the honours of learning from 2 Grand Masters before perfecting his woodworking skills under his Grandfather and Uncle’s tutorage. Together the combined experience of the 3 generations of our Master Carpenters is more than 60 years, we pride ourselves on being able to craft complicated pieces which employs rare and long lost woodworking skills that most modern carpenters lack.

Our Mission is to bring quality Carpentry works to more homeowners in Singapore by reaching out and offering our direct factory prices.

Qn: Why is RenoScout Carpentry prices cheaper than IDs or Contractors?

Ans: It is a well known fact that Interior Designers (IDs) and Contractors often mark-up their prices to earn a profit of 25% to 30% in order to provide home owners with the valuable service of conceptualizing the design style for the whole space, designing the various elements of the renovation, helping to choose materials, coming up with beautiful glossy computer-rendered 3D perspective drawings, giving renovation advice and managing the whole renovation process while engaging a team of subcontractors to execute the work.

When you deal with RenoScout, you remove these layers and are working with us, the Carpenters directly. You get direct factory carpentry prices. This is why for the same piece of carpentry we are definitely cheaper than IDs and contractors.

So, when you are able to conceptualize, design or articulate what you need or want, RenoScout is your obvious choice when it comes to carpentry works in Singapore.

Qn: Does RenoScout provide renovation loan?

Ans: No, but we can refer you to our regular bankers and assist you in securing a renovation loan for your house renovation.

Qn: Does RenoScout provide other renovation services other than Carpentry (painting, electrical works, hacking and Plumbing etc)?

Ans: Yes, we have our own in-house Carpentry team, and we provide general renovation works which are done by our Sub-contractors.

Qn: Does RenoScout have a Showroom?

Ans: Our showroom is currently under renovation and we do not entertain walk-ins as we have many projects on-going and it is dangerous to walk around in our factory without proper safety gear.

If you do wish to visit us, please whatsapp 9007 3368 for an appointment and be properly dressed for the trip.

Qn: Where is RenoScout located?

Ans: Our factory cum showroom is located at Block 8 Kaki Bukit Ave 4 #07-04 Singapore 415875. (Prior appointment required.)

Qn: We do not have an Interior Designer, can RenoScout design and build the whole project for us?

Ans: We do not have an In-house interior Designer attached to us, however we can engage our regular designer and draw / sketch out the style and design you have in mind, do bear in mind that there is a Design Fee involve in this process.

If you do not need detailed drawings or 3D perspective layout, and understand exactly what you need for your house, we can do an old fashioned pen and paper sketch for you at no cost, so that we are on the same page before we begin the fabrication process for your carpentry works.

To help us understand your needs better, you can do the following homework before meeting us:

1) Seek inspiration from local or international interior design magazines
2) Search the Internet for nice home interiors
3) Sketch your ideas on paper
4) Use Sketchup and draw in 3D, it is free!
5) Provide us AutoCad detail drawings
6) Take photos of existing carpentry at their friend’s places or showflats etc

Qn: What are some resources for me to get ideas for my house renovation?

Home & Decor:
Lookbox Living:
SG Living Pod:
Houzz :

Qn: I am representing an Architect or Interior Designer or Contractor, and I would wish to work with RenoScout for carpentry services, who do I look for?

Ans: WhatsApp 9007 3368 for discussion, depending on the size and volume of your project(s), we can try to work together to see if the schedule fits our project timeline that RenoScout currently has in the pipeline.

Qn: More questions?

Ans: Email us or WhatsApp us at 9007 3368

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